Fusite News Room

New Manufacturing Facility Opens in Thailand

Cincinnati, OH – November, 2011–Fusite has announced the opening of a new, state-of-the-art facility in Prachinburi, Thailand. The Thailand facility is the third Fusite production facility in Asia—highlighting our commitment to supporting customers in the region.

Thunderline-Z Opens New Laser Center

Hampstead, NH–February 8, 2011–Fusite’s Thunderline-Z brand, an established supplier of feedthrus and hi-rel packages for the RF/ microwave industry, has announced its new Laser Services Center for hermetic sealing of high-frequency devices, components, and subassembly packages. By employing the precise control of high-power lasers, including advanced power ramping and pulse-shaping techniques, Thunderline-Z provides reliable hermetic seals for both standard and custom packages—even for package designs that incorporate posts or pedestals for stability.

These new laser welding services are made possible by a major investment in a pair
of high-power industrial-grade lasers from Miyachi Unitek. Thunderline-Z acquired
two new Nd:YAG systems, models LW150A and LW500A. The LW150A, with 150-
W average power and as much as 7-kW peak power, is being used for component
attachment within packages, while the higher-power LW500A, with 500-W average
power and 7.5-kW peak power, is the workhorse system for sealing lids to packages
within a controlled glove box atmosphere.

Compared to conventional solder sealing or seam sealing approaches, laser welding
forms a robust, consistent metal-to-metal seal around the perimeter of a package. A laser-
welded package maintains hermeticity in the most demanding environments, including
Class S (space-based) applications. Standard hermetic seals are performed in a nitrogen/ helium environment.

The laser welders precisely control the optical power applied to a package and a lid to
form a consistent, repeatable seal. They use a combination of continuously variable
laser power and pulse shaping to achieve secure welds between lids and package
housings while working around critical circuit paths. In addition, with the lower-power
laser system, Thunderline-Z can perform reliable component placement of the most
challenging hermetic-package components, including feedthrus and connectors.

To support the new laser-welding systems, Thunderline-Z installed a new electrostatic-
discharge (ESD) anti-static floor in the work area around the two systems. Customers’
sealed packages are inspected with the aid of fine and gross leak-testing systems, with
quality maintained according to the applicable requirements of MIL-STD-883 and MIL-

In addition to the laser-based component-placement and packaging sealing capabilities,
Thunderline-Z offers packaging services from feedthrus, to components, to subassembly packages. The firm is an ITAR-registered, ISO9001-certified manufacturer.