RF/50 Ohm Feedthrus

As the leading RF/microwave vendor in the industry, Thunderline-Z produces the highest quality RF50 Ohm electrical feedthrus on the market. By employing tight control of component tolerances and advanced manufacturing processes, Thunderline RF 50 Ohm feedthrus are able to achieve one of the highest frequency responses available – all while maintaining hermetic integrity.

With pin diameters ranging from 0.009” to 0.040” and frequency capabilities of 3 to 65 GHz, no other supplier comes close to matching the breadth and variety of standard designs that Thunderline-Z offers.

Typical Specifications

  • Hermeticity: < 1x10-8 cc/sec helium
  • Insulation resistance: >10,000 megohm @ 500 VDC
  • Impedance: 50 ohms +/-2 ohms
  • Operating Temperature -55° C to +300° C
  • Body diameters as small as .068"
FrequencyPin DiameterBody Diameter
65 GHz.009".068"
42 GHz.012".076"
28 GHz.015".098"
18 GHz.018".110"
8 GHz.020".158"


Thunderline-Z custom designs RF 50 Ohm feedthrus based on any engineering specifications, including applications requiring minimal glass meniscus for enhanced performance.

RF/50 Ohm Feedthrus