Multi-Pin Feedthrus

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Thunderline-Z multi-pin feedthrus are equipped with headers featuring tight feedthru center-spacing, built-in filtering, ground pins, and superior matching of pin diameter and glass.

In addition to being more compact than separate single-pin feedthrus, Thunderline-Z multi-pin feedthrus are also available with an integrated DC capacitor, with a range of 5 to 30,000 picofarads for built-in filtering of unwanted interference. These feedthrus are also able to maintain critical pitch and spacing dimensions and are designed for use in a variety of commercial and military applications where signal purity and spacing issues are concerns.

Thunderline-Z’s multi-pin feedthrus are available in a variety of styles, with anywhere from 2 up to 16 or more pins in single or double row configurations. In addition, Thunderline-Z is one of the first companies to offer the unique capability of four pins in a round (.098" diameter) header.

These feedthrus can be manufactured with both RF and DC functionality in the same header, with performance up to 42 GHz.

Typical Specifications

  • Hermeticity: < 1x10-8 cc/sec helium
  • Insulation resistance: >10,000 megohm @ 500 VDC
  • Operating Temperature -55°C to +290°C
  • Pin spacing as small as .050" in linear headers
  • Pin spacing as small as .028" in round multi-pins
  • Various pin tip configurations available


Thunderline-Z custom designs multi-pin feedthrus and headers based on any engineering specifications.

Multi-Pin Feedthrus