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Thunderline-Z is a unique brand under the Fusite umbrella. For more than 30 years, Thunderline-Z has been recognized as the world's premier manufacturer of RF and DC feedthrus and microwave packages. Offering turnkey packages with any combination of feedthrus, press-on connectors, and multi-pin headers, Thunderline-Z meets the requirements of the most challenging engineering designs, including applications that call for direct fire, soldered, or laser welded combinations, varying solder schedules, component integration, and filtered connections.

With one of the broadest lines of available feedthrus (over 2,000 models), Thunderline-Z is ready to create integrated packages for your use in all RF/Microwave applications, including military radar and communications, SIGINT, EW, and spaced-based systems.

Fusite's parent company, Emerson, provides reliable power, precision cooling, connectivity and embedded solutions that assure Business-Critical Continuity™ for customers' technology investments through the Emerson Network Power group