Surface Mount Packages

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The Thunderline-Z Bell Pin, a revolutionary design that does not require an external bent pin for contact, has been developed to work with lightweight aluminum or brass housings to create surface mount connections that perform well into K band frequency.

The Bell Pin feedthrus, which are made with a gold-plated Kovar base and center conductor fired in place with low-loss Corning glass, easily attach to the bottom of packages to create true hermetic surface-mountable parts. As a cost-effective alternative to heavier Kovar SMT packages, this unique approach offers several pin position options and delivers premium VSWR characteristics while ensuring low parasitic inductance.

Thunderline-Z also has a mini surface mount 50 ohm feedthru, which is one third less in size. With smaller pins, this model can be used in both J band and K band frequency ranges, with expected performance limits between 22 and 25 GHZ.

Technical specifications

Advanced modeling techniques are used to achieve one of the highest 50 ohm frequency ranges as compared to Kovar SMT housings. Hermetic reliability is exactly the same as a round ferrule type feedthru. Typical VSWR is 1.5:1, with available pin diameters of .009 or .015 inches.

Packages are available for everything from prototyping to volume manufacturing. They can be supplied 100% hermetically tested and are available in a variety of plating options, including nickel, silver, or gold.

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